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Virophor 2.8%

Department of Agriculture Approved Disinfectant for TB.


1. On the Department of Agriculture’s list of approved disinfectants for Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, general farm disinfectant, Foot & Mouth disease and poultry diseases.


2. Stabilised iodophor disinfectant for surfaces and water systems.


3. Performs on Cattle, Sheep, Pig and Poultry farms.


4. Application Rates:

Recommend dilution rate of 3% w/v for Tuberculosis and general orders (e.g. Salmonella and E-coli). A dilution rate of 0.5% w/v is recommended for Foot & Mouth disease, Swine Vesicular disease and diseases of poultry. Apply mixture at 300ml per square metre.
» Foot Dip Baths

Use a dilution rate of 0.5% w/v and change when heavily soiled with organic matter or on a weekly basis.

» For poultry water treatment disinfection, please refer to label for instructions.


5. PCS Approval No: 93580


6. Applied by spraying, foaming or for use in footbaths.


7. Available in 25lt & 5lt containers.


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