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Poultry Lucerne

Ideal for layers and broilers in intensive rearing systems

1. Poultry Lucerne is uniquely formulated using first generation Lucerne, Chicory Inulin and comprises of a strong trace element package.
2. The pecking behaviour of the birds is greatly reduced as the inclusion of Poultry Lucerne keeps them occupied.
3. The gut health of the bird is greatly improved by the inclusion of Chicory Inulin in the bale.
4. Poultry Lucerne is compacted under extreme pressure and held solid with 5 straps which keeps the birds working harder and in turn occupied for longer.
5. Feeding guidelines of a minimum of 1 bale per 1000 birds with best results achieved from hanging the bale in a net approximately 400mm from the litter or just within pecking height.
6. Each bale undergoes heat treatment during the manufacturing process which significantly reduces the risk of contamination of salmonella or other pathogens.
7. Long shelf life achieved of 18 months from date of manufacture.
8. Available in pallets of 56 x 20kg sealed bales.
9. Full UFAS, Bord Bia & Department of Agriculture approval.
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